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The Pink Room

The Pink Room Mystery Beauty Scoops

The Pink Room Mystery Beauty Scoops

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The Pink Room Mystery Scoop provides shoppers with a wide array of beauty products including: press on nails, lip gloss, lashes, lash glue, crystal nail files, loofahs, hand cream, velvet scrunchies, jewelry and so much more!

Each week our staff members dump products in a large bin, mix the items up, and take a 16 oz scooper to scoop out items for every order. We also add a freebie item to every order.

Inventory changes on a daily basis and is available on a first come first serve basis. This is what makes this so exciting! No two orders are the same so you can guarantee that you will never receive two of the same orders. 

Some of the items available are designer items. The Pink Room is not affiliated with these brands.

The cost of this item is based on how many scoops you order. Each scoop is $10.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram Story and/or TikTok to watch us scoop out your order! @thepinkroomshop

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