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About The Pink Room

The Pink Room is an online store dedicated to providing women from young adult to middle-aged with all of their glamorous needs. As you browse our website, you will notice the we have several collections, or categories, of items that we provide. These collections include the following:


Summer is here and you know what that means...?! It's time to start shopping for a swimsuit. Checkout out our collection of swimsuits perfect for taking a dive or lounging poolside. The Pink Room Swimwear Collection has a variety of colors and styles perfect for any occasion!


Victoria doesn't have to be the only one with a secret! From Satin Robes, to bodysuits, and bras, The Pink Room Intimates Collection caters to every woman's desire to feel confident and sexy.


We love all things shiny and glamorous just as much as you do! The Pink Room Accessories Collection offers items ranging from necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, rings, and more!


Whether you are looking for something sophisticated for a career changing interview, you want to keep it classy but sexy for that first date, or you want to rock out with your girls for a long night of fun, we have one-of-a-kind apparel for every occasion! The Pink Room Apparel Collection is constantly updated with trending items that are sure to fit every woman's style.


Beat that face with the hottest makeup and cosmetic tools from The Pink Room Cosmetics Collection!

We now offer a My Wishlist feature that allows you to create an account and save all the items you like for later. 

It is our mission to be every woman's best friend. We want to be your one-stop-shop to stay abreast of trending products and styles. Welcome to The Pink Room!