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Perfume Atomizer Portable Refillable Bottle

Perfume Atomizer Portable Refillable Bottle

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Elevate your travel essentials with our sleek and stylish Perfume Atomizer. Designed for convenience, this mini aluminum spray bottle is perfect for carrying your favorite cosmetics on the go. Available in two capacities, 5ml and 8ml, it ensures you have just the right amount of your favorite scent wherever you are.

Product Details:

  • Capacity: 5ml or 8ml
  • Size:
    • 5ml: 80mm x 16.5mm
    • 8ml: 106mm x 17.5mm

Usage Instructions:

  1. To ensure optimal tightness and spray effect, each bottle undergoes a vacuum test. Before filling, press the nozzle several times to expel the air inside.
  2. Note that not all perfumes are compatible with this bottle. Ensure the large perfume nozzle tube is at least 8mm in length and 4mm in diameter. The nozzle should be non-removable and meet these size requirements.

Travel with ease and style, keeping your favorite fragrance close at hand with our refillable and portable perfume atomizer.

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