The Pink Room's Cash Back Program

Get items for free with The Pink Room's Cash Back Program

We’re thrilled to offer our amazing customers a chance to get their money back while showcasing their stunning items from us. Follow a few simple steps, and get our featured item for FREE!

Featured item: 

SO PINK BEAUTY Faux Mink Eyelashes Cluster Multipack

How It Works:

1. Buy the featured item.
2. Create a video or take photos featuring the item.
3. Post the video on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook.
4. Tag us @ThePinkRoomShop and use #PinkRoomCashBack.
5. Submit the post link using this form.
6. Keep the post live for at least 30 days.
7. Get your money back!

Step-by-Step Guide to Participate:

Step 1: Purchase
- Purchase the featured item from The Pink Room’s online store.

Step 2: Create
- Make a creative and original video or photos featuring the featured product. Show how you use the item, a quick review, unboxing, etc.

Step 3: Post and Tag
- Post the video on your public Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook account.
- Tag @ThePinkRoomShop and use the hashtag #PinkRoomCashBack in your post.

Step 4: Submit
- Fill out this form with your details and the link to your post.

Step 5: Keep It Live
- Ensure your post remains public and live for at least 30 days. We’ll verify it’s still up before issuing your cash back.

Step 6: Get Cash Back
- Once the 30-day period is complete and we’ve verified your post, you’ll receive your cash back via your original payment method.

Submit Your Post:

Complete this form to submit your video link and participate in the cash back program.

Terms and Conditions:

- Participants must purchase The Pink Room cluster lashes.
- Videos must be original and posted on a public social media account.
- The post must tag @ThePinkRoomShop and use the hashtag #PinkRoomCashBack.
- The post must remain live for 30 days.
- Only one submission per item per customer.
- View full terms and conditions that apply HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

**Q: How do I know if my post qualifies?**
A: Your post qualifies if it features The Pink Room's featured item, tags @ThePinkRoomShop, uses #PinkRoomCashBack, and remains public for 30 days.

**Q: When will I receive my cash back?**
A: After the 30-day verification period, we’ll process your cash back within 14 days.

**Q: What if I delete my post before 30 days?**
A: If your post is deleted or made private before 30 days, you will not qualify for the cash back.

**Q: Can I participate more than once?**
A: The program is limited to one submission per customer per featured item.

**Q: What platforms are eligible for posting?**
A: Eligible platforms are Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.

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