The Right Swimsuit For Every Body Type

The Right Swimsuit For Every Body Type

The weather is heating up and it's time to break out those swimsuits. But if you're anything like me, you end up with a pile of swimsuits thrown on your bedroom floor or with multiple swimsuits in your online cart when trying to decide on a bathing suit that looks good, fits right, and leaves you feeling confident and sexy. Well we've done our homework and created a breakdown of the perfect style swimsuit for each body type! This ought to help things go a little smoother for you this summer.

Abstract One Piece - The Pink Room Swimwear


If you have a bigger chest... look for a patterned swimsuit with gathered fabric at the waist. Subtle patterns can be slimming and the gathered waist creates a nice division between chest and hips.

 Abstract Swimsuit $14.75



High Waist Print Bikini - The Pink Room Swimwear


If you have a flatter chest... try a high waisted bikini. The high waist will make your legs appear longer taking attention off your chest. The high waisted bikini is also great for hiding stubborn bloating. 


High Waist Print Bikini $24.99



Bikini Vest Set - The Pink Room Swimwear


If you are "pear-shaped"... try a simple cut away style or a vest swimsuit that hides your trouble areas, yet leaves you looking breath-takingly gorgeous. 


Bikini Vest Set $19.99



Retro One Piece Swimsuit - The Pink Room Swimwear


If you are plus sized... try a one piece  or bikini with gathered fabric at the sides or a swimsuit that drapes across the waist. Stay away from patterns, and instead rock a solid swimsuit with cute yet subtle detail. 

Retro One Piece Swimsuit $26.75





Halter Crop Floral Bikini - The Pink Room SwimwearIf you have a more athletic body... with small chest and hips, a patterned halter top styled bikini will complement your physique. 


Halter Crop Floral Bikini $16.99




All swimsuits shown above can be purchased here at The Pink Room Don't forget that if you purchase a swimsuit, you are eligible for FREE shipping! Use promo code SWIM17 at checkout. This promo code is valid until August 1st, 2017. 

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