Closet Cleaning: Remove These Things from Your Closet This Year

Closet Cleaning: Remove These Things from Your Closet This Year

As cliche as it is, there’s no better time to say “out with the old” than at the beginning of a glorious, fresh new year, and we’re welcoming 2023 with the gift of a closet filled with clothes we will actually wear. Take the journey now by removing these items from your closet immediately. 

1. Clothing that’s too small or too big

It’s easy to hold out for the day you’ll squeeze back into the expensive sweater you accidentally shrunk in the dryer. But you’re cultivating a wardrobe to wear now, and unless you turn back time to being 13 or preventing the dryer fiasco, it’s time to let it go.

The same goes for the dress you bought two sizes too big because you loved the print. I know it can be difficult to let go of pieces you love or spent a lot of money on, but it’s important to be realistic and keep in mind the “quality, not quantity” type of wardrobe you want.

2. All those freebie T-shirts, hats, and tote bags

Over time, we can easily build up a collection of random shirts, hats, and bags covered in festival logos and local advertisements, and we’ve all gotten five free college T-shirts from random clubs on Quad Day. As you go through these pieces, really ask yourself why you haven’t worn them and if you would really ever wear them. 

3. Anything you haven’t worn in over six months

We aren’t talking about the pieces you reserve for certain seasons here. Maybe you just haven’t gotten the chance to rock that sundress since you’ve been stuck in sweaters for months, but that beautiful silk blouse you bought for that date last year that you’ve still never worn? Face it, you’re probably not going to wear it. If you’re still struggling with what to keep.

4. Anything that you’ve been telling yourself you would repair and haven’t

If you’ve had the piece for longer than two months and haven’t gotten it hemmed, cleaned, etc., it’s safe to say that you never will. Don’t hold on to an amazing dress that will just sit in your closet because it’s made for a woman who’s 6’0 and you’re 5’3. If you love the piece, make an appointment and get the dress hemmed for your height. If you’re holding on to a pair of jeans that need to be patched, get them patched this week or send them to Goodwill. They are just taking up space in your already overcrowded closet.

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