Best Ways to Remove Clutter From Your Closet

Best Ways to Remove Clutter From Your Closet

Spring is nearly here and it's about time you get rid of clothes that keep getting pushed to the back of the closet, to make room for your spring attire. 

Use the following list to determine whether an item stays or goes.


  • If you regularly wear the item 
  • If you plan on wearing the item within the next 6 months
  • If the item fits comfortably
  • If you feel confident wearing the item


  • If the item is damaged and cannot be repaired
  • If the item no longer fits comfortably
  • If you have not worn the item in the past 6 months
  • If the item is no longer in style
  • If you do not feel confident when wearing the item

Rather than grabbing a trash bag and throwing away all of the items that make it to the discard pile, evaluate the following list to determine the best way to get rid of your unwanted clothes and accessories.

The best way to remove your clutter.

1. Donate

Do you have a family member or a friend that raves about an article of clothing you no longer want? Gift it to them. Or load up the items and drop in in a clothing drop box or take it to your local Goodwill store. When you donate your items you have the comfort of knowing that someone else can appreciate the item.  

2. Sell it

Why not make a little extra cash off of stuff you no longer want. Take your items to a local consignment store or list the items on apps and websites like Letgo, PoshMark, Vinted, ThredUp, etc. You may be surprised at what people will pay for your discarded items. 

3. Upcycle

Turn your old clothes from drab to fab by giving them a little extra TLC. Or use them for your next DIY project. 

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