10 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Month

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March 8, 2021 Marks International Women's Day, but there's still time for you to celebrate because the month of March is declared as  International Women's Month! But how exactly do you celebrate International Women's Day Month, you might ask? Here's a list of ways you may celebrate while also spreading awareness:

  1. Explore the history of women's rights.
  2. Post on social media to spread awareness of Women's History Month.
  3. Support a women's nonprofit
  4. Host an event to celebrate women. 
  5. Support women-owned businesses.
  6. Mentor a girl or fellow woman.
  7. Write a thank you note to a woman that inspires you.
  8. Read a book by a female author that inspires you.
  9. Wear the color purple (The color purple has historical ties to the women's rights movement. It was one of the colors worn during the women's suffrage movement and it is the official color of International Women's Day.)
  10. Pamper yourself or a special woman in your life by getting a new outfit, going to a spa, having a nice dinner out, etc.

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