Which Style Boot Fits Your Body Type?

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We may not have the body we want, but we can look absolutely fabulous with the body we have. This rings true with makeup, clothing, accessories and shoes! Boot season is officially here, and before you stock up on your fave styles, think about the various boot styles that can actually complement your body. Our list will help you ensure that you are looking and feeling your best this fall. #Bootseason 

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1. Stout Legs

If you have shorter legs that are stout, you should  add height with a heel and add length to your legs. This can be achieved with an ankle boot. This also helps girls who can’t always find a wide-calf option. If tall boots are your thing, just make sure it's just below the knee.





Wool Thigh High Boots


2. Slim legs

If you have slim legs you really can’t go wrong, but an over-the-knee boot is going to give you the illusion of more curve in the thigh.







Gladiator High Heel Boots3. Tall

For all the tall ladies, you can stick to a flat or low heel to let your natural height shine, or you can go with a heel to add additional height. The choice is yours.







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4. Petite

We recommend a boot with some sort of heel to add height. For the most flattering look, opt for the ankle boot or taller boot rather than the mid-calf.

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