What's Hiding in your Beauty Blender Sponge

What's Hiding in your Beauty Blender Sponge

You know those super cute and squishy make up tools, the things you use for flawless application of make up? Yeah those soft beauty blenders are great at blending and absorbing make up, but they also have a knack for absorbing and retaining bacteria. 

If you notice black spots or a foul smell coming from your beauty blender, just toss it! Using bacteria ridden tools on your face can result in rash, acne, blemishes, etc. Not to mention it's just plain gross. Check out these images of beauty blenders being used past their time...

  <<--- Yep, that's mold! 






     <<--- (...More mold) 



Ideally you want to wash these after every use to guarantee a bacteria-free beauty blender. you should consider replacing every 3 months. 

Set of 8 Beauty Blenders: $8.99

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