Solar Eclipse Eye Wear

Solar Eclipse Eye Wear

We are less than a month away from the first total solar eclipse to cross the country coast to coast in nearly 100 years! Millions of Americans will flock outside August 21, 2017 to view the "Great American Eclipse." But don't forget to protect your eyes!

Remember that it's  never safe to view the sun with the naked eye. The sun’s surface is so bright that if you stare at any portion of it, it produces enough light to permanently damage your retina. Without proper eye protection, you can suffer “eclipse blindness” — yes there is such a thing — within seconds of starring at the sun.

So, we strongly encourage you to invest in Solar Eclipse eye wear so that you are able to enjoy this day and all of its magnitude. But fortunately for you, you don't have to ramble across search engines looking for solar eclipse sunglasses. Order your pair directly from The Pink Room for only $10.99


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